Credit Repair Attorney

So you are looking for secrets that a credit repair attorney might tell you……

credit repair attorney

Credit repair is a serious topic which many believe is best handled by seeking legal advice.

Credit repair allows you the chance to dispute and then correct inaccurate negative items on your credit reports. These negative reports could be having a negative impact on the scores reported by the three major credit agencies. If you’ve been working to get out of debt, there are a wide range of errors that could be misreported by the credit agencies..

Missed payments that you made on time: This is a common error partticularly which could happen when with repayment plans with reduced payments.
Incorrect account status: This error could occur when an account is marked incorrectly such as “Settled in Full” instead of “Paid in Full.”
Outdated information: Negative credit items fall off your credit report after a defined amount of time. This error occurs when outdated items are still reflected.
Re-aging: This error which occurs when a debt collector or creditor updates the “purge-from” date of an account. This “resets the clock” and causes the negative item to remain on your report longer than it should.